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Our Story


Our History:

The Vision: Faithway Baptist Church was born in the heart and mind of Ray Duerkson as God spoke to him while attending Bible College in Waterloo, Ontario. Ray, along with his wife Fran and four children stepped out in faith and believed God wanted them to start a church in Woodstock. Peter Reynolds had been traveling to study the Bible with the Duerksons and his interest was growing for something to be done in Woodstock. He, along with Barb Toews, agreed to assist in the early days of the church.


The Beginning: 

On Sunday March 18, 1984 the chapel at the YMCA on Dundas turned into a sanctuary. About twenty people attended. There was anticipation that God would do something great. Also Bible studies were being held at Ray and Fran's home. Faithway was off to a promising start. Hugh and Karen McKendrick also moved to Woodstock to help with the church.



In those early years, many Christians found a church where they felt welcomed and others came because of the Bible content and the faith element that was emphasized. The evangelistic efforts of the church were rewarding and several families and individuals came to a personal faith in Christ. The pool at the YMCA was used for baptism on several occasions. Although the membership was small, the church believed it would grow and that God would provide a building.


Faithway praises God for the great beginning He has given and looks ahead to even a greater future. " him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen" (Ephesians 3:21)

In the fall of 1988, Faithway approached the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Church about acceptance and was received into the Fellowship. At the same time a building was purchased on Springbank Avenue. The small building began to fill and the church met there for less than a year. The property was sold and the church now had enough for property to build on. The church moved back to the YMCA temporarily. The land on Athlone Avenue was purchased in June 1991. The rezoning and severance of the land was completed the next year and the house on the property was sold in June 1993. During this time the church called it's second pastor Harry Toews. He began his ministry in January of 1993, after serving as interim pastor. The FEBC builders provided the plans and labour for the building project which began in September 1993. The church took six months to complete and was ready for the grand opening in March 1994, just in time to commemorate it's 10th anniversary.

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