Nursery & Sunday School

We encourage you to come 10 minutes early so that you have enough time to check in your kids before the 10:30am service

Masks are not required for children under 2 years, recommended for older kids and required for volunteers

 We have wonderful volunteers that have gone through our child safety program so parents can

sit in the worship service worry free knowing their youngest family members are well cared for. 

Nursery will be split into 2 rooms

Nursing moms/ moms staying with their kids - Upstairs in the "Meeting Room".

0 - 2 - Downstairs in the nursery. 

Sunday School will consist of 2 classes:

Age 3, JK & SK -  Meeting in the "Sparks room"


Grade 1 - Meeting in the "Room divider room" Downstairs

Grade 2 - Meeting in the "Meeting Room" upstairs


When you are registering your family for church, please remember to leave your nursery/Sunday School going children out of your number for upstairs attendance to leave more room for other people.

Sunday Morning Instructions for Parents using the Nursery:

1) Read the at home screening page  It is very important that your household passes this screening

2) Pick up your children's stickers at the desk downstairs when you check in

3) Drop your kids off in the appropriate rooms - PARENTS PLEASE DO NOT COME IN.

4) Downstairs Kids need to wash their hands upon entering the nursery. Sunday School kids can use the lysol wipe provided or parents can take them to wash their hands in the bathroom.

5) Try to keep personal items ie. diaper bags with you. Or for downstairs, use the hooks outside of the nursery.  (Kids ARE allowed to have bottles / cups as well as blanky or teddy with them)

6) During the worship service, we will help your little ones use the washroom, for diapering we may call parents in.

7) For Pick up:

      - Downstairs Nursery , Please wait at desk and we will bring your kids to you.


      - Sunday school, Please wait at the doors and respect social distancing guidelines 

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Decision-Tool-for-Parents (1)-.jpg