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Covid policy
Please click, download, print, fill out and return to Rebecca Lobbezoo or mailbox D2

Covid Screening
Please read and familurize yourself with this list

November 4 2021

Hello Faithway serving Family


We have made some extensive changes to the policy in attempts to simplify it. Please read and return the last page of the document. 


In Christ 

Pastor Robert 

November 2, 2021

Hello Faithway Serving teams


      Some of you may be unaware that we had a positive covid case two weeks ago, connected to our Awana Club. We followed the guidelines and send out an email to all parents from our health board, indicating a low risk warning to everyone who attended that night. Thankfully there has been no spread to any other families. Last week the health board officer, reached out to me again, due to the fact that some people have contacted them and raised several concerns over our covid policy/protocols here at Faithway. He has requested from me, our covid policy on employee/volunteer protocols.  

I know all of us who serve at faithway in various positions, never want items like covid policy or protocol to stand in the way of ministering to our church family and to those outside our church. In the context of our Awana program it literally is for the sake of children hearing the gospel. 


In order to keep ourselves above board, we have put in place a covid-19 safety plan for all volunteers at Faithway Baptist Church. We ask that you read over it and then return a signed copy, simply indicating that you have read and understood the policy. Also above is a link to the Covid- 19 screening tool, we ask that you read over the questions and make yourself familiar with them. Upon entering Faithway as a volunteer we ask that you fill out our self screening log, located in the main foyer. It's simply signing your name and using your initials to indicate that you can answer no to all the screening questions.


I, pastor Robert appreciate you all and everything you do. These are hard times and we as the Elders board acknowledge the real struggles of our people, at so many levels over all things covid. Thank you again, for your service unto Christ in Faithway, we work unto God for his glory and his kingdom.


In Christ 

Pastor Robert  

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