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27 Books - 260 Chapters - 7,957 Verses - 184,600 Words - 30 days

Blessings...... beyond measure

We are entering into another lockdown, for 30days. I'm sure this has been the focus of your conversations. In how we respond to any circumstance will determine the effect it has on us. God's word says, " Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind". I am asking you to join me in 30 days of transformational renewal. We will start at 12.01am December 26th  :) to read the New Testament in 30days, allowing God's word to renew and transform our lives, instead of allowing the world's circumstances to conform us to the negative.


The Cherry on the top, is to memorise Colossians 1:15-23, an amazing passage that focuses on the preeminence of Jesus Christ.  


Join with me and others on this exciting and transformational journey.  I can imagine us repeating the words of Joseph on January 24th 2021, as we look back, over the lock down. " You meant evil against me, but God turned it around for good".


            I'm thankful for Megan who has willingly stepped up to help with the tech side of things. We want to have a group chat platform in order to encourage each other to keep going, through the month. She has set up the links below to Microsoft teams.


Sign up and let the blessings begin. 

In Christ,

Pastor Robert Singleton. 



  Instructions from Megan Stevenson 

We are using the Microsoft teams app (free to sign up) that can be downloaded on your cell phone or used on your computer. You will have to use your email to join (it can be any email, not just one from Microsoft) by clicking the link attached. I will add everyone to the group chat as they join so that we can encourage each other in reading and memorizing scripture. If you are struggling to log onto or use Microsoft Teams, please email Megan at and she can help you out with that. I will be creating a document that shows how to navigate Microsoft Teams to help make the use of the app easier. 


Link to sign up for Microsoft Teams


Link to access the Faithway team

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