Faithway Baptist Church

Welcome to Faithway Baptist Church Nursery!

We offer nursery care for children ages newborn to 3 years old.
We open our doors 15 minutes before our morning worship service begins and your children remain until they have been picked up by a parent after the service.

Our nursery is currently located in the lower level of our church building. Our nursery consists of three rooms:

  • The Baby room - ages Newborn - 2
    • We offer nursery care for babies, newborn up to ages 2 in a bright and engaging environment. With exersaucers and plenty of toys for little ones to play with. 
  • The Toddler room - ages 2 & 3
    • Adjacent to our nursery, is a room designed for toddlers! This area is equipped with play structures such as a slide and climber, toy kitchen and tool bench, baby doll station, books & puzzles and much more.
  • The Nursing moms/sleeping room.
    • This is a quiet room with rocking chairs and playpens for moms to nurse during the service or to put little ones down for a nap if requested.

 Parents can enjoy the service knowing that their little ones are well looked after! All of our staff undergo police and vulnerable sector screening and are currently members of our church. We operate a fully staffed nursery so you know your little ones will have the proper attention.

 We operate on a divided security entrance system where children are signed in by parents, passed in to the nursery from parents to workers, and remain in our nursery's care until the same parent returns and signs out their child. 

 In order to keep safety as our priority we ask that outdoor shoes be removed before entering and that parents/ visitors remain outside the gate. We do not provide snacks for children in our care but understand  that children get hungry. If parents whish to provide snacks, there is an area for eating that is separate from the general playing area because we are an allergy aware facility. 

 Parents are asked to fill out information forms prior to using the nursery so our staff can be aware of allergies or special concerns, and so we can get to know you and your child a little bit better before hand.

Any questions regarding nursery services can be directed to the ministry leaders at 
Brittany Wijnker & Sarah Singleton