Christianity Explored

Have you ever wondered
Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
Where are we going ?

We at Faithway Baptist invite you to explore those questions with us through the Christianity Explored program. Christianity Explored is an informal study and open discussion for anyone who wants to investigate what this one life is all about. The added bonus is free coffee and desserts. You will not be asked to sing, read out loud or pray. All we ask is that you come just as you are and let’s explore Christianity together. Don't just settle for I wonder when you can be sure of the answers.

We are excited to run our first Christianity Explored class in our new café facility. So please come and join us on Mondays starting
October 23rd @ 7-8:30pm
As we explore why the world stops at Easter and Christmas.

* Please Pre-Register if you require childcare *


Check out the website for more information here.

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Christianity Explored

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